Stories in the fabric - A series of naturally dyed fabrics and flower prints
Stories in the fabric - People are invited to come and 'hang' their own stories with the fabrics on the line
Scrapbooking story - print and plant collage - Dandelions, Nettles and Cleavers
'The Mother Drum' Drum made from Kombucha mother, Willow, Jute string and Linen
Sensory mobile - Image taken in shadow - mobile made with naturally foraged materials and memorobillia from my home
Sensory Mobile - Image taken in light by Caoimhe McDonnell
'Nurture' Installation - People are invited to 'hang' their stories with the fabrics and sit on tree stumps and read scrapbooks or listen to accompanying audio stories via QR code.
'Dandelions, Cleavers and Nettles' A story for my daughter