An atmospheric view showing the suspended tanks from the restaurant. The tanks contain the rejuvenating shellfish in a controlled environment which monitors the pH of the water.
A 1:50 rendered section of the Eco Luxe Hotel showing different ecological elements and activities including features that have been up-cycled.
A sketch iteration model showing early development ideas with the consideration of customer flow throughout the building and rooftop bar.
An atmospheric visual showing the view as you walk out of the lift onto the rooftop bar. The main focus is the hydroponic plants grown for produce and the fish tank located underneath the bar.
An exploded axonometric drawing showing the 3D model of the proposed design. The focussed pinpoints show the up-cycled elements and ecological systems.
A series of atmospheric visuals that shows the views a customer would receive whilst walking through the hotel. These views show the ecological systems and up-cycled elements in depth.
A 1:100 rendered roofplan of the rooftop bar. This includes the fish farm and hydroponic plants grown for the restaurant and bar.
An atmospheric visual of the rooftop bar showing the hydroponic vines and the reclaimed plastic tables and chairs.
An atmospheric visual showing the suspended tanks from the first floor balcony. This includes the exhibition area which allows visitors to learn about how climate change affects marine life.

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