Walk-through tour of the project
Concept drawing for the project. The main idea is having these interchangeable panels that create a canvas for street artists, the building becomes a literal canvas for artists.
Street artists can paint the module which will then be inserted into the building. The building will consist of graffiti, window, solar panel and green wall modules.
A series of diagrams showing the thought process of the layout of the proposal, taking into account, foot traffic, sunlight and prominent wind direction.
The green wall panels contain plants that encourage bee activity, which had seen a 40% decrease in population between April 2018 and April 2019. Edible plants can support restaurants and kitchens.
Model exploring how the proposed volumes affect the site.
Axonometric view of the proposal in use.
The ONCA Gallery is the focal point of the courtyard.
View of a busker using the courtyard.