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Standing inside the Vine Threshold at the beginning of the site at the Montserrat Volcano Observatory showcases the Botanical Garden below. A masquerade leader walks up the stairs of the tree lookout.
Local residents dressed in masquerade attire walking throughout the garden with their assigned tourist. In the distance tourists are in the process of planting to leave their mark.
Aerial view of the site from the tree lookout. Masqueraders lead approved tourists out the site to begin approval to the St Patrick's Festival
Island host: Montserrat, British overseas territory with African and Irish heritage. 5000 inhabitants with 2/3rd of the island an exclusion zone.
Master plan showcasing the botanical garden broken down into smaller gardens.
Sections of the botanical garden at Montserrat Volcano Observatory
Detailing of kiln on site used for creating thresholds and lookout stairs.
Detailing of the tree lookouts
Detailing of the vine thresholds.
Demonstrations of the masquerade dances: The Boillola, Quadrille, Wild Mas and Waltz.