Final proposal plate drawings
A reflection and abstraction of the summer solstice within Stonehenge. The history is displayed onto the building in plan with the reflected constellations marked on the site.
The Totem a piece that abstracts the summer solstice and utilises the natural sandstone in the Ashdown Forest. The stone was 3D scanned and assembled into the Totem.
The Hybrid Totem, a re-interpretation of the Mill Bank tower using the Totem as a device to create new space and to create new shadow and light qualities within the tower.
The site below Blackhill within the Ashdown Forest
The joint creates a new assembly between the cross-laminated timber to create a structure and envelope which forms the new lowland heath.
The site plan
Elevation view of the entrance
The sectional cut through the bottom half of the building.
A dissection through the apartment. The structure acting as a circulation as well as a service.
The apartment living space. The tiling showing the annual solar study. The dark patches indicating where the most light is and the lighter patches showing where there is more likely shadow.
The front entrance Vignette
Final proposal plate drawings