"Encerrona Criolla a.k.a. this is why I don’t go out", 2022, Mixed media on board, 1.14 meters in diameter
"I swear I don’t remember anything", 2022, Acrylic, ink and paper on board, All three panels A3
"she looks like a goddess (she is taking pity on me)", 2022, Acrylic, wood and wallpaper on canvas, 1.16 meters x 1.16 meters
"Corazón destrozado by Delia Cancela", 2022, Mixed media on canvas, 1.38 meters x 96 meters
"(2000- ) ", 2021, Acrylic and wallpaper on board, 100 centimetres x 76 centimetres
"No Girls Allowed" (face), 2022, Film, 3 minutes