Non-text element which shows my developmental path during the master's studies in terms of research work.
Overview of the conditions in and around the Tate Modern building. Divided into entrance areas, paths and natural influences. Furthermore, my approaches to a different, extended use are presented.
Arguing from the point of view of the respective art movement offers the possibility to illuminate a topic from a different perspective besides your own opinion.
Splitting of the discussion platform and movement paths that are recorded during the discussion by the appearance on the glass plates.
Passers-by approaching the building from the north side are able to see what is going on inside. The flows of movement are shown by means of real-time visualisations on the clad ramp facade.
At the existing facade of the Natelie Bell Building (former Boiler house) on the Riverside, the ramp starts, which is also passable for everyone and is also visible from the east side.
Afterwards the expression of opinion can be shown by a vertical greening with herb seeds. This is a process that develops or grows over a longer period of time.
Herbs are used, because on the one hand they are well suited for a vertical greening, on the other hand an intensive smell develops over time from the mixture of herbs.
The roof terrace is to serve as a recreational area in the middle of the city. The idea of an urban garden could also be considered here, which would benefit the restaurants of the Tate Modern.
Investigations with the cartographic device in Brighton. Unconsciously, the device itself created a new insight in the sense that the unusual shape became an eye-catcher and inspired people to comment
A foldable origami structure is used for the rain part, the main principle to block the noise for the earpart is from an iris diaphragm and a layer net construction for covering mouth and nose.
The device provide data and we developed a graphic from the documentation of the site walk through Brighton. In addition can be seen some sections of technical drawings.
The aim of this installation is to partially cut off the artificial noises or to drown them out by natural sounds.
The idea was to let the different counter benefits that the pier brings with it have an effect on you. The fold-out window to enjoy nature takes place above, the "sea organ" below the pier at the end
Overview of the special characteristics of these two artists and their best well known projects as well as my reasons for choice.
Both artists work with large exhibition and working areas, so that everyone should have their own limited space to work. Visitors have the chance to watch without disturbing them.
Both cubes are connected below the pier and create a passageway. In total there are three levels in each cube.
Light pollution affects us all. Even though it may not seem so at first sight. The changes caused by light pollution are numerous and can be seen in various areas.