2 Jesmonite moulded and casted hands, Painted with Clockwork Designs to show how the perception of someone with Dementia can deteriorate.
Other side of the same casted hands, the clockwork test is used to help track the deterioration of the motor and perceptive skills of someone living with Dementia.
2 Jesmonite Casted hands, painted with the same imagery, but one with Blue goggles on (right). This shows the difference in colour perception to someone with Dementia
Other side to the colour perception hands, this time using a rainbow and nature as a easily recognisable image to show how the colours distort when looking through Dementia perspective.
2 Pressed Plastic Collages - Made from recycled plastic from discarded un-used aprons from previous care agency. Dyed using the Dye Sublimation Process.
These collages are in each of the main colours that are identifyable as Dementia progresses. I have used imagery and text to represent the emotions felt when looking at the colours found in research.
The top collage in each photo has an LED Light underneath. This shows how light is important to helping people with Dementia view colours and text better so I use the same effect on the collages.
This is a 'fiddle apron'. A carer can wear it and sit with a resident and they interact with the different sensory materials to calm, distract and can encourage conversations on a 1-2-1 engagement.