A retreat for identity reformation. Sheltered from the external expectations, it provides a safe locale for all women to reflect and evolve into their truest selves.
It was designed to be adaptable for this personal journey, with a variety of spatial experiences for guests to feel most comfortable and free for their self directed processes to take place.
The collage illustrates divine justice favouring personal, female values over patriarchal ones.
The final monument was an experiential staircase as a monument for self-reflection.
The host building, 25 & 26 West Drive is located opposite Queen's Park. The abstract symmetry illustrated in the collage became an integral part of the design.
Here are the key functional spaces in the programme; the courtyard with walkways and a meditation space, the bedroom 'cell', and the communal dining area. They are inspired by monastic architecture.
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The attached file gives a look into the 3D model created of the host and interventions.
The above image illustrates how the structure was designed to simultaneously retain the distinct Edwardian facade of the host, and support the obscure interventions within.
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