Investigation into site and the how forms would effect the quality of space within it. (Second Year Work)
Bernard Tschumi inspired investigations into the movement of activities and the corresponding forms derived from them.(Second Year Work)
Section showing inhabitation of a second year project - collaged using a sectional card model and photoshopped images from site.
Lloyds of London precedent study drawing.
Building collage using elements from multiple High Tech buildings.
Amazon sorting centre - delivery system using drones.
Proposed space elements within the 'Curated Curiosity'.
Building within site context of the City of London.
Section showing inhabitation and interaction of smells between the building and its surroundings.
Museum space showing the atrium housing 3D printed mycelium models of historical importance to London.
Roof top garden visual.
Visual from the historical ruins of St Dunstans in the East.