The Eko-System combines two products to cover cities in an infrastructure of plant life. The two products are a plant pot that attaches to guttering and a plant pot that mounts to lampposts.
The long term goal of the product is to create a network of wildlife that covers cities, allowing green spaces to become connected, combating one of the biggest issues facing urban wildlife.
The system has attachments for ropes to connect the different elements, creating a network for wildlife to use while also guiding the growth of vines to solidify the natural infrastructure over time.
Close up of how the guttering plant pot is mounted. The plant pot is designed to sit snugly in guttering while allowing water to flow underneath, meaning the functionality of the gutter is unaffected.
The plant pot features a mesh bottom, holding in in the soil and plant life while allowing excess water to drain into the guttering, without clogging it up.
The three different pieces that form the plant pot. The long piece holds the plant life, the end pieces stop the soil from getting into the guttering and the connector piece connects two long pieces.
Close up of the connector piece. The guttering plant pots are designed to be customisable in order to fit any length of guttering. the connector piece also has a bar for attaching rope to.
the lamppost plant pot mounted and filled with soil and plant life. It also features a raised lip that holds up rope that is tied around the lampposts to connect them to the guttering.
The shape, inspired by blossoming flowers, is designed to catch a lot of water and funnel the excess down to a small, narrow drain.
similar to the gutter plant pot, the bottom of the lamppost plant pot features a mesh that allows excess water to drain while holding in the soil and plant life.
The plant pot has an adjustable mounting system, ensuring it can be attached to a variety of lampposts of different diameters.
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The 3D model showing how a plant pot would be mounted to a length of guttering. Unfortunately the 3D viewer does not show the mesh bottom as the texture is not compatible with viewer.
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The 3D model showing how a plant pot would be mounted onto a lamppost.