Brief 1 - Abstract render of Portchester Castle's bailey
Brief 2 - Elevation of the north side of Portchester Castle
Brief 2 - Elevation of the east side of Portchester Castle
Brief 3 - Exterior Photoshop render of potential design for an art gallery within the bailey of Portchester Castle
Brief 3 - Interior Photoshop render of the design of the art gallery
Brief 3 - Facade render of art gallery
Brief 3 - Section render of interior of art gallery
Brief 4 - Abstract render of an "island" exhibition space at Portchester peninsula
Brief 4 - Another render which outlines the idea of having many interconnected "islands" as exhibition spaces on the peninsula
Brief 5 - Case study of architect Marie-José van Hee, coming from an artistic background I wanted to try replicating her very quick drawing style when designing a building
Brief 5 - Van Here drawing style
Brief 5 - Van Hee drawing style
Brief 5 - Section through House Van Hee in Ghent, Belgium. Designed by Marie-José van Hee
Brief 5 - Plan view of House Van Hee
Brief 6 - Section through west peninsula of Portchestrer (including through site and my designed art studios)
Brief 6 - 3D model of art studios on site
Brief 6 - Side section render of art studio
Brief 6 - Interior Photoshop render of art studio
Brief 6 - Facade render of art studio (with bi-folding doors opened and closed)
Technology - Perspective section of one of the art studios on site, depicting the structure and materials considered and used